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I like it, just a few quick questions.

-How open is the battle against the nobles by the revolutionaries? Is it strictly Gray Palm raids and ambushes, or do infrequent open battles ever occur?

-How do the other nations view the political state of Sunshan? Especially Soleh and the Dotze Affariata, being so close. [I can write-up stuff for Soleh if so desired, it has kind of become my baby...haha]

-You mentioned Samurai, are ninja going to be present in some form? [And I mean legitimate mercenaries and assassins, not the overhyped pop culture version.]

There really aren't any open battles between the groups. The Phoenix are pacifists, and the Unending Way is not all that organized, so it's almost exclusively Grey Palm assassins (rogue-monks) performing small raids and assassination attempts on nobles. not really any open warfare.

Vallheimers are somewhat libertarian, so the idea of serfdom does not appeal to them. Soleh is ok with them, just because they follow the same religion and tithe to the church (if you want to get technical with that, go ahead). The Affariata likes them simply becuase they mass-produce agricultural products (wheat, cotton, tobbacco).

And yes, each noble would have a cadre of samurai-like bodyguards, as well as Queen Amamesu's household armies. These guys will be fighters with the disciplined warrior path. For ninjas, many Grey Palm assassins seem a lot like ninjas, as well as each noble houses' personal troops of mercenaries and non-samurai guards.