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Thread: What should the elf be like? [3.5]

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    My comments in green.

    Quote Originally Posted by lesser_minion View Post
    Elves refuse to slaughter animals for food because it "disrupts nature", but are perfectly willing to slaughter them for fashion purposes (elves are commonly depicted wearing leather armour of a design that would gain precisely nothing from being made of leather -- in other words, the use of leather serves as a fashion statement and nothing else). Couldn't agree more

    Elves try to be self-sufficient, making their own personal weapons and armour. They also happen to favour swords. These are mutually exclusive.
    I don't get it. You're saying they couldn't possibly find iron by themselves?

    They favour the longbow as a weapon, even though the vast majority of individuals with the D&D elf's build simply wouldn't be able to operate one.
    What's wrong with their physique? They're just as strong as humans, and longbows are no harder to use than shortbows. If you think longbows are hard to draw, you're clearly thinking of composite longbows. I don't know anyone with a shortbow in real life but I know tonnes of women who use longbows and they aren't strong by a longshot.

    Magic of Incarnum would like to inform us that elves make excellent incarnum-wielders. In game, elves take a penalty to the single most critical ability score for incarnum use. And in a stunning violation of WotC's general rule that "there's an elf for that", there is no incarnum elf subrace.
    No comment for this but you're probably right.

    Elves adopt a primary style of warfare that relies heavily on stamina and physical endurance, two things that D&D elves do not have in abundance.
    Absolutely agree 100%. I guess the designers don't move around a lot. Still, while cheesy most of d&d is the same way so there's not a whole lot to do about that.

    The famous "diverse range of different studies" that receives no attention whatsoever anywhere within the rules.

    And of course, there's "so what exactly are these elves doing in the 85 years between becoming an adult and becoming a valid choice for a player character?" problem.
    That's true too. Giving them ranks in random perform, craft, and profession skills could help.
    Do you think elves are salvageable through simple touches? Or would you rather see radical surgery?
    Hmm... well I'm not sure on this one. Radical surgery I suppose.
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