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Suel Arcanamach Handbook is not on BG.

I don't think a handbook subforum would be useful for anything, btw. It would just mean most handbooks would get less discussion.

I'll probably update my unfinished handbooks (Suel Arcanamach & melee warlock) this week, btw.
I could swear I saw the SA handbook on BG; but I am probably confused.

Oh and nice I really like your handbooks

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I did spellcheck it and it found no mistakes on the page.

I do agree there should be a subforum for handbooks.
I have read tons of handbooks:
dervish, ranger, swift hunter, scout, archery, duskblade, hexblade, suel, melee , the pathfinder ones, wizard, the many sorcerer ones, druid, cleric, a rubbish favoured soul one, spirit shaman, shugenja.
and I'm sure tons more.
Yeah; but most of them are not on this site, the majority being either on the Wizard Forums or BG.

Now on topic maybe (and I stress the maybe) I could cook up a sample build, possibly a two-weapon fighter.