1977. What happened at that time?

If you drove your Chevy to a levee, what state is that levee in?

Alternatively, if you drove your Chevy to a Levee en Masse, what would you say when you met Napoleon? What if you met Robespierre? Marat? Hell, what if you met Murat?

In that vein, do you agree with me that if, after the battle of Ligny, Napoleon had sent Ney after Blucher instead of Grouchy, he would have likely won Waterloo? Ney was always brash, and Grouchy too cautious, and Grouchy failed to press Blucher, and lost him, and Ney led an un-ordered cavalry charge that ended in complete destruction, losing Napoleon practically all his cavalry.

If the Hindenburg hadn't burned, do you think we would still be having airship cruises over the atlantic? If not, do you WISH we would? Cause, y'know, airship cruises would be pretty sweet.