What question would you like to be asked?
Anything really.

What traits do you look for in an ideal pet?
Loyalty and fluffiness. As well as the inability to hurt me if it gets possessed/turned evil.

What is the square root of Pi?
A Cobbler.

What's your favorite OOTS strip?
Sexy Shoeless God of War.

What's your favorite Erfworld strip?
Any of them.

How does your ITP persona relate to you in real life?
Very closely really.

Sadistic choice time! You must choose to save either the life of your most loved one or the lives of a large group of strangers. Which do you choose? Most loved one. *hugs niece tight*

What is your favorite word?

What is your least favorite word?
Gangsta'. Alternately: Playa'

What makes you enthusiastic?
My niece.

What disappoints you?
Not being able to see my dogs.

What sound do you love?
The wind in the fall, lightly touching the dead leaves on trees and making them rustle.

What sound do you hate?
Dog Whistles.

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
Being a cop.

What profession would you not like to participate in? [/QUOTE]
Cleaning high-rise windows. I've gotten over my fear of heights, but there's a limit.

Have you ever travelled overseas?
Yes, to Seoul, South Korea.
If so, what event really drove it home that you weren't in your own country anymore?
Stepping outside the airport really. I wasn't too bothered by it. I was fairly young. 9 I think.
What place/s do you most and least want to visit?
Most: Romania. Least: Siberia.
What have you recently discovered or worked out about yourself?
That I apparently love little kids as long as their partly my flesh and blood. *hugs niece again*
In what ways have you changed since you were half your current age?
I've definitely gotten a lot more mature, believe I'm smarter, and feel really good about myself now.
In what ways have you stayed the same?
I believe that I'm smarter, I love books, video games, and still have dogs.

What color(s) do you prefer to wear?
Browns and grays. Earth tones really.
What do you like to collect?
Bumps and bruises apparently.
How many avatars do you have?
Too many to count off the top of my head, easily 15 or so.
Will you ever attend GenCon?
I really really hope so.
What type of chocolate do you prefer?
Dark chocolate, preferably with a bit of chili pepper mixed in.
Do you enjoy watching the Weather Channel?
Yes actually. So I know just how fun I have it compared to places with normal weather.

Do you, in fact, have any cheese here at all?

Will you go quietly when they come for you?
Nope! It'll be so loud, FOX and CNN will be covering it.

What is your anti-zombie weapon of choice?
Probably a splitting maul.

Are you running to something, or from something?
I'd like to think to something, but I fear it's from something.

What's the magic word?
Key Lime Pie.

1977. What happened at that time?
Elvis, sadly.
If you drove your Chevy to a levee, what state is that levee in?

Alternatively, if you drove your Chevy to a Levee en Masse, what would you say when you met Napoleon? What if you met Robespierre? Marat? Hell, what if you met Murat?
Probably tell them all "Hi" and leave before all hell broke loose. >.>

In that vein, do you agree with me that if, after the battle of Ligny, Napoleon had sent Ney after Blucher instead of Grouchy, he would have likely won Waterloo? Ney was always brash, and Grouchy too cautious, and Grouchy failed to press Blucher, and lost him, and Ney led an un-ordered cavalry charge that ended in complete destruction, losing Napoleon practically all his cavalry.
While I may study a lot of war and history, sadly, Napoleon is one of my weak points, so I couldn't say.

If the Hindenburg hadn't burned, do you think we would still be having airship cruises over the atlantic? If not, do you WISH we would? Cause, y'know, airship cruises would be pretty sweet.

Yes, and Hell yes!