Another taste of fluff that might add something to this world.

The Lightwood Rangers:

The Lightwood Rangers are another surviving fragment of the first empire, like the four nations. When the First People and the Empire first began to assimilate, the Rangers were the first to accept and practice the magic of the First People, and are to this day the most skilled at the practice. They now serve as wilderness police, guides, foresters and bandit patrols, keeping the less-settled lands safe for humans. A long negotiation process before the Vallheim Civil War gave them unlimited jurisdiction, meaning that they are legally allowed to pursue bandits and criminals over the national borders and execute any they prove to be murderers. Also, they can commit any prisoners to any jail in the four nations and set their term. One of their most important duties, however, is to keep the Urgals out of human lands. After living and hunting alongside the Urgals for generations, they two groups have developed a fairly peaceful relationship. However, it is still the Lightwood Ranger's duty to keep their two races separated until they can meet peacefully. This sometimes means making treaties with the tribes, or sometimes ritualized combat in the Urgal tradition. Their recruitment stems from their own children, as well as any volunteer who passes the tests and has no close living relations, or anyone who eludes their patrols and finds their secreted halls deep in the forest. Most nations are glad of their presence, although Sunshan suspects them of helping escaping serfs and giving them sanctuary, which is not entirely groundless.