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Grace will find a quieter area to discuss things with Phil, and then begin.
"I hope you can understand why you've been brought here. Even if you're innocent, the circumstances are pretty badly weighed against you- you make your speech, a giant object falls from the sky at the same time on a related area and it explodes quite spectacularly. I've no intention of leaping to conclusions, but you're a very obvious suspect, and it's best if we investigate your potential involvement.
"Of course... this is Nexus. Strange things happen, and for all we know, it could have been a time traveling evil clone out to make you look bad. So I've encouraged the Council to give you a bit more benefit of the doubt, and try and work with you to investigate and find the real culprit."

She smiles encouragingly.
"Now, you said yourself that you have some evidence for your innocence. Why don't we start there?"
"First off, Iggy didn't explode. The explosives that the Empire and retroactively the Remnant were supposed to remove weeks ago did. And yes, I have evidence. Video evidence. It needs to be slowed down to frame by frame, though," Phil points to the video card.