Phil has it stop and zoom in to just the right magnification about half a second before Egg-Drop One landed.
"As you can see, Iggy was far from the origination site of the explosion, and not carrying anything explosive. If I can get access to one of my computers, I can show you his designs. Nothing combustible was involved in any way, though the ablative shielding was meant to break off in an emergency so that instead of one overheated robot hitting something, it was tiny pieces of it just leaving itty bitty holes, it any holes at all. Now, if you'll watch the frame by frame with each frame being one centisecond, you'll notice that the explosion happens fourty point seven centiseconds after the landing, and starts out from a location over fifty meters away. Also, there's a second landing object, a strange meteorite I have yet to identify," Phil rambles on and on.