I do notice that we have a bunch of splintered groups. Everything is based on tribes, it seems. Vallaheim, obviously; Dotze Affariatia are in city-state form; Urgals have tribes; Dwarves have clans... things are indeed interesting. Is this the way the world is intended to go?
Well, I hadn't intended for everyone to have a clan system, but that's kinda how it turned out, and I'm ok with it. I think I might refluff the Dwarves, and make them a not-tribe based system, just to break that up a bit. It works, but I don't want to overdo it. and the Affariata are just a bunch of different little towns, not clans per se. And even if I don't redo the Dwarves, tribes are one of the single most common themes in history, whether it's family lines, noble houses, sept totems, etc, so nobody will break their suspension of disbelief on that.