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Two questions, and forgive me as I'm at work and don't have the cards in front of me:

1.) One of Durkon's Schticks is missing it's win result. It is the one with a blindfolded, drunk Thor throwing lightnign bolts. In our game we assumed it was 1 wound, but clarificationw ould be nice.
One of the Thor's Lightning cards is missing the Result text. The result is 'Foe loses 1 Wound', like the other Thor's Lightning.

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2.) If you use the Screw This! card that allows you to negate abilities, how does this work for Leaders? Is the +1 battle size gone the entire time, or will a player add a monster after this turn?
Great question! The Screw This! card you're referring to is 'I Forgot They Could Do That'. The card says that you can eliminate one of the effects on the monster card until the end of turn. Some effects, like Leader, only really take effect as the card is played.

The Leader ablility says that the Battle Size is +1, meaning that the room gets one more monster played in it than would normally be played. 'If I Forgot They Could Do That' is played on the turn that the Leader card was put into play, then the battle size is reduced accordingly (give the extra card(s) back to the person who laid them until the battle size is correct. The battle size is locked after player begins battling the monster. It cannot be changed on that turn, nor on future turns.

Thinking about it, there's probably more I can say about the Leader ability, but it's late and that's a discussion for another day.