Second campaign with the monk today. x.x I did fairly well, keeping up with the Warblade even though she started out the encounter far from the action. The DwtE bonus to Tumble came in extremely handy, and I cheesed it a bit. Unfortunately, I was instagib'ed towards the end of the encounter. x.x critical hits hurt.

As far as problems go, all there really is to report is the easily-abusable Tumble bonus from DwtE. It makes a mockery of traditional combat (not bad in and of itself, I was tired of playing straight fighter-types). What would be really nice is if there was some way to translate the DwtE bonus into some sort of bonus on attacks/damage, i.e. Acrobatic attacks, Jumping attacks, maybe even something cool to do with balance.

btw, I'm playing as a Catfolk (Races of the Wild), which gives +4 Dex and +2 Cha. I have 16 Wis and 22 Dex.