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Got another:

Is loot with the OotS emblam considered loot that is "drooled over" for all players (aka - Can two players pass something back and forth like Dragon Horde to continually give each other +4 bonuses)? *Does it count for loot for schtick trade-ins and Xykon's lair entry?
Yes. The OOTS emblem is a wild-card that indicates that all of the characters drool over that loot.

Yes. Two players can pass an item back and forth between themselves. This is not limited to loot containing the wild card icon. Take a loot that has 1 Roy and 1 V face for example. The players playing those two characters could also exchange that loot back and forth.

Yes. You can use loot containing the OOTS emblem just like you would any other loot. Each OOTS emblem always counts as one face.