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Can you give more than one loot per encounter to have more than one person help you per encounter (or give more than one loot to the same person to just increase their bonus)? *If there are two monsters in the room and you use a loot to have a person help you with the first one, do you still get that bonus for the second one?
Yes, you can give more than one loot to other players in return for assistance with a battle. You can give multiple loot to the same person or you can give one or more loot to each of several different players.

The only limitation is that in PvP battles, an assisting player can only help one of the two players in the battle. You can't assist both sides.

Assistance is only good for a single battle (ie. a single die roll). If you decide to attack the next monster in the stack you have to offer new loot in order to gain assistance.