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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    Name: Mayor Twinstrike

    Appearance: An Earth Pony with a brown coat and brown mane (same colors as Dr. Whooves), built as tall and broad as a Royal Guard. He wears a flowing golden cape at all times and has startling green eyes. His voice booms like thunder whenever he speaks.

    Oh, and he wears a monocle and top hat. Why? Because he's a MAYOR of course!

    Skills: Magnificent hoofwork in racing, dancing, self-defense and prestidigitation.

    Special Talent: Motivating others to accomplish impossible feats

    Biography: When Mayor Twinstrike was a young colt, he saw a foal getting picked on by a group of bullies. He came to the foal’s aide, but before a fight could break out a bolt of lightning struck the schoolyard slide, frightening the bullies away.

    For weeks after, Twinkstrike took it upon himself to train the young foal in self-defense and confidence. One day, the bullies called the foal out again to settle things. The foal told Twinstrike that he would not go, because there was no chance lightning would strike again the same way it had before to scare off the bullies. But Twinstrike promised the foal that he’d be there, atop the same slide that had been struck weeks ago, to act as the foal’s courage.

    On the day they were to meet again, Twinstrike cheered the foal on and encouraged him to stand up to the bullies. The foal was brave, and did not back down from them, but just as a fight was going to break out, lightning struck in the same place it had before, and hit Twinstrike directly.

    All the ponies looked upon Twinstrike, and saw that he was not only unharmed, but seemed to glow with a supernatural power. This, combined with the bullies’ fear of lightning, sent them running away again to never bother another young foal.

    On that day, Twinstrike earned his Cutie Mark – a cloud with a pair of lightning bolts striking the same spot. It is a testament to making the impossible happen, and represents his talent for motivating other ponies to do the impossible.

    Years later, he decided to use his talent for commanding others to help raise a town to greatness, and he chose the town of Bridle Shores.

    Personality: Twinstrike is a very boisterous pony, who believes anything is possible. This can sometimes lead him to drive other ponies to attempt impossible things, and always means that he himself tries to do the impossible, more often than not right next to the pony he encouraged. However, he is understanding when things don’t go as expected, and encourages ponies to try and try again until they succeed. He has a flair for the dramatic, always speaking in a booming voice and entering the scene with as much flair as possible.

    Relationships: Makes it a point to know every important pony in Bridle Shores.

    Cutie Mark: Cloud with twin lightning bolts hitting the same spot.
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