First, a big Thank You to Craig (Krago) for fielding some of these questions. Craig was one of the primary playtesters for the game and also the hatcher of many of the game's cooler ideas. Those of you at GenCon might have met Craig giving demos of the game.

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1) How many Bragging Points is the defeat of Xykon worth? Page 27 specifies 5, but page 29 specifies 2*lvl.

2) Do the monster cards in the Xykon Deck have the red X symbol? Page 27 states that they do not, but ....
The defeat of Xykon is worth 2 * level. The 5 points is a typo.

We need to talk about whether monsters on the Xykon level provide XP. We talked about this at length, and thought we'd come to a conclusion, but unfortunately the final result was confusion on this point in the rules.