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Holy crap, it's Vael!
She seems to keep turning up in places randomly.
The mask maker looks rather confused as to how she ended up in the council building, and then- wait.


Eesee (also known as Embellished Extolling of Character Traits), the Narrative Ninja, duly comes along and fixes the mistake, shooing out Vael with a brush and a dust pan, and pushing her back to the waiting room with all the other retired, resting, and unused concepts, then scratches out the word "Vael" and replaces it with "Grace."

Then she tells Phil that his text color is irritating, he causes way too much trouble for her (working out all the tangles a retcon causes is tough, after all) and that he should really try and play a bit nicer with others before someone just decides to off him for good. That said, the fairly snarky character slips back behind the scenes to go fix a problem someone else has caused, rolling her eyes on the way.

And... action!

Grace smiles apologetically.
"I can understand your point of view, but this isn't exactly evidence supporting your innocence, nor does it give a real excuse for your actions.
"So why don't we try something else? Why did you drop your robot- Iggy- in the first place? I assume it was indeed related to the content of your speech?"
Wait, what?

"Riv betrayed my trust. He hurt good people with weapons and armor I designed. The Empire wasn't going to do anything more than destroy Excelsior Tech and clear it out, which really would only be a minor setback to him, and they didn't even do the job right. Besides, killing him if he used my designs for anything even remotely evil was part of the agreement," Phil scowls the entire time he explains this.