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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    Name: Minstrone the Delicous Trickster

    Appearance: Blue Earth Pony with a blonde mane and black eyes, has a yellow "M" for a cutie mark. Average hieght.
    Skills: Magic Tricks and Making soup.
    Biography: Minstrone learned from his mother that if you ever make something delicous, you should also provide entertainment. Taking that to heart, Minstrone learned how to do magic tricks and how to make delicous soup. He also always carries around a shotsword on his back for cutting wood(don't argue with his choice for cutting wood!) and for cutting up ingredients. He is forever in the search for the most delicous and interesting soup in the world.
    Personality: He loves making soup and making people go silent in awe a lot. So, don't expect him not to turn a delicous meal into a magic trick. He is a loyal friend that always helps those who don't turn him away, for he is quite new and doesn't know anyone yet. He is quite straightfoward about things.
    Relationships: Minstrone is quite new to town, and as such, has not met anyone to call a friend. He still searchs for someone to hang with.
    Cutie Mark: a yellow "M"
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