Well, I picked up a copy of the game at GenCon, and got a chance to play it with 4 other friends yesterday.

Firstly, we started off with the simplest setting, which stated a ~4 hour game. Taking into account learning how to play, and all, I was thinking maybe 5 hours. We wound up playing for 7.5 hours before finally finishing the game. And this is with only one room on lvl 3...

The one rules question I have (other than those already directly answered), is the wording of Elan's Poorly Planned Illusion. It states in the results that player 'MAY' move a monster to an adjacent room. We all took that to mean that it was an optional effect, and that the Elan player could either defeat the monster or move the monster.

Based on an earlier answer, I'm guessing this was incorrect? If so I would suggest a change of the wording on those cards, or an errata at least.