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- The "I Forgot They Could Do That" Screw This! Card has already been mentioned. *Can it negate a support ability?
(example: *Xykon gets an 'Assist' Support from every Goblin and Undead on his floor, giving him +2 A/D for each such monster on his floor - which can climb up pretty high, since he has Horde as well. *Can the Screw This! card negate that whole bonus?)
Yes, but in the case of a monster with two Support abilities, they are considered separately. So you could negate Horde or Assist, but not both. This is, incidentally, one of the best uses of this particular card and can be essential in breaking up very powerful clumps of monsters.

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-- Roy's Fearless Leader Schtick lets him, whenever he helps in a battle, heal 1 wound or unflip one flipped schtick at the end of the battle. *Is that on him, the player he helped, or either?
The wounds healed or shticks unflipped must be Roy's. As a rule of thumb, if you can affect another player's wounds or shticks with a card, it specifically says something like "belonging to any player".