Another thing is that swordsages are great to pile on Different Stats to damage

Shadow Blade =Str+Dex (Going by the Actual feat text it says you ADD Dex modifier to damage, so by RAW it is Str+Dex)
Insightful Strike Wisdom

And this works really well with a high number of attacks (which swordsages can get plenty of them)

A quick Combo Pounce + TWF with Daggers+ Insightful Strike (Either Diamond Mind or Tiger Claw)+Shadow Blade+ Bloodclaw Master+Dancing/Raging Moongoose

You get Full Str+Dex+Wis on each attack, which assuming a Bab of +7/+2 gives you Two Main Hand attacks+1 offhand+2 Extra attacks+1 (haste at level 10 it is expected)

If you add three levels of Swashbuckler you get to add Int to Damage too... (Spirit Lion Barb 1/Swashbuckler 3/Swordsage 4/Blood Claw Master 2 is a nice level 10 build IMO)