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Being an AI, Mainframe is infinitely patient and will wait as long as Phil likes.

Having a human player, it will sadly deadtime now. If Phil wants to speak to the Council or Erin again, Mainframe can be godmodded along as a deadtime zombie, or will get messages from Phil to others. (Within reason - it's not going to pass on a message to tell Phil's robots to run amok or anything, but I'm sure you know that. )
Phil thanks the girl, complements her looks, and thanks Mainframe.
"I think the MagSats would have picked it up. Let's face it, it's the Empire and retroactively the Remnant's fault those explosives were there to go off. I know a lot of other stuff I could bring up to them, too, if need be."
As Phil is talking, he reaches back with his head, stretches, and with a strange pop, dislocates his arms so that he can slide the bound limbs up and over his head, lean on the table to pop them back in, and eat the steak with a fork and knife like a civil man.