Defendant's Room

"Two counts of hacking? Also, those same channels have been hacked so many times that that's a stupid thing to charge me for, but alright. Now, resisting arrest? I said they could arrest me. I just said I didn't want to bow due to cultural reasons. So, unless they're all racist jerks, in which case this is an even more unfair trial, that's another thing they should take off. Especially since it happened one time at one place. Destruction of public property, I didn't destroy anything. Invasion? I didn't invade anything. Invasion requires at least an intent to destroy or gain control of an area through use of force. Knowing endangerment? Iggy was programmed to protect any civilians caught in the line of fire, and only to attack Riv, and to warn those who attack it not to attack a second and third time before shooting back. And I didn't threaten a Remnant official, if I recall correctly."