Defendant's Room

"I believe their line of reasoning is that, by not verifying for yourself that there were no explosives at the target site, you recklessly endangered civilian lives, and that the landing of the robot created a crater and damaged property. I have examined the records of your arrest, and find no mention of you claiming cultural immunity of any type, and there is a recording of you delivering what could be interpreted as a threat."

Mainframe plays a recording of this:

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"Because I'm definitely dumb enough to bring weapons here. I mean, seriously, Vasquez, if you tried any of the usual Empire stuff with me, I could just call Sigwhite on down here and be out in an instant. Wizard gods are cool like that. I'm not getting on my knees. You can go ahed and use your scanners, or is the Empire just bluffing about those too? How about magic, then? Is that pointless, robot killing field still working its deal?"
There's a world of resentment in Phil's voice.
"Can you verify if this is a true recording?"

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And for the benefit of everyone, link to Phil's hacked message.
link to Phil's arrival at the Council
link to Phil's arrest