@Council Players

Alright, I had agreed on Vasquez being equal members to the others on the idea that things would run more smoothly, and that people would be better pleased with it.

It's not working.

Because of that, I'm handwaving/retconning that Vasquez still keeps her Veto/Overruling Vote, and that the Council is back to it's original purpose. You know, being a Council. A group of Advisers. As it is right now, I can't even decide punishments of criminals even though I'm the run who runs the Police Force/Military. That said, it shouldn't change anything so far, except the balance of power. The Mark of Justice will still be offered to Phil on those terms, and those players who want their PCs to stand trial can do so(provided people wish to play the Jury and Lawyers).

I know people had planned on having power over certain areas, but I see no reason to get rid of that. However, like I said, Vasquez would have the right to Overrule something if necessary.

I anticipate this causing a few arguments, but as I've stated before, I'm trying to find a way to appease players and giving them a hand in things. After a bit of deliberation with a significant portion of the Council Players, it appears this might have actually been the right way to start.

Thing is, as I've also stated before, Council is my creation, and it also feels like it's completely slipping out of my control, which I wouldn't really object to, except it's pushing me out of the picture. It is neither my OOC intent, or Vasquez's IC intent to overrule everything, or even most things that go by her. Council was supposed to be something that stayed behind the scenes most of the time, even though Vasquez and Remnant enforced the laws.

If Vasquez goes too far though, I want the Council Members to say that. If she doesn't go far enough, the same. She, and by extension me, will always consider what's said. I'm not the kind of player, nor she the kind of PC, who tosses out suggestions we don't like out of hand. It hasn't happened, and I don't plan on it to.

Now that it's all said, I'm hoping things can go more smoothly from now on.