"I would also like to point out that charging someone for hacking those channels after how many times it's happened before and nobody got punished is stupid to the point of just plain stupid. Also, aren't proper courts supposed to have a jury of peers, not a bunch of people I don't know-a few of whom tried to kill me at that fight, by the way-and some lady who wants to off me and use this for political purposes? And after I'm proven innocent on everything else, do we get to discuss how much you guys owe me? After all, a proper government would pay citizens compensation for unjust charges and apprehension, private property lost protecting said government-which I'm displeased to see was apparently pointless, seeing as how Gordon is here-, and destroying a citizens private-and expensive-property. Yeah, I know it was someone on the Remnant side that set up that anti-magic field and shot all those plasma weapons at me. AMEN had nothing to gain from that. Also, seeing as how everything came from behind me on those counts, it was pretty obvious."
Phil waits a moment. If anyone reacts in a particularly shocked manner, he frowns and tilts his head almost mockingly.
"What? I thought you kiddos wanted to play politics?"