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Raz looks around the room

I'm willing to agree to testify that he fell down a flight of stairs onto a couple of bullets if everyone else is.

"And now threats that are entirely empty to me. Tsk tsk."

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"Just because the networks are run by the public citizens of Inside, instead of being government funded, doesn't mean it's any less illegal. If "everyone" had slaves here, it'd still be as much against the law as only one person." Vasquez tells him. "And, Phil, I had you and the only other witness in the area completely restrained and under my control earlier, for a good length of time. If I had wanted you gone, do you think you'd be here?" She asks before shaking her head. "It's just not how things are done any more. I am not the old regime. As for the fight against AMEN, we had evacuated the area just to prevent that sort of thing. If you were there, it was under your own power, and by your admittance, it was nothing specifically targeting you. If it had been direct fire, I'd gladly pay you, but it wasn't. Normally, I'd pay funeral costs either way, maybe a bit more, but it already sounds like your friend is well and alive."

"Before you go running off wanting a new trial or jury though, I recommend you at least hear their offer for a plea bargain. It's more reasonable than I'd like, but it's more than fair and I have no real objections to it."
"Oh no, Rho is more than dead, and I had been there for a while, waiting to try and introduce you militaristic buggers to the guys who are currently out there, clearing the bugs out of Inside for you! And indirect fire or not, you still did a hell of a lot more damage with those than AMEN did with their little guns and knives! Let's face it, this is not a proper way to 'judge' me-and we all know by the horribly half-baked ways you try to weasel around that you have one set ending in your mind- and even further from a proper government! You should be out there fixing things, not in here trying to make an example of someone who didn't freaking hurt anybody!" Phil's voice gets louder and louder. There's really no point in telling the self-abusive sod that this isn't helping his case, because he doesn't even care any more.
"Despite all the ****e people like the majority of you have done to me, I'm still trying to help people-even the ones who hurt me-, I'm still sticking to my moral code, I'm still getting crap done! I-" there's a beep from the collar of Phil's jumpsuit.
"*sigh* Yes, Oregon?"
"I found 'em, sir! All three of them!" a dignified voice with a bit of a southern US accent comes out of a small speaker.
"That quickly?" Phil grins a little.
"Yes indeed, sir. Like a lightning bolt, so to say. Or...something fast that doesn't strike, as we haven't done anything yet."
"That's just fine. Thank you, Oregon."
Phil looks back up to the Council members and grins.
"Look at that, you've got me locked up in here and I'm still getting more done than you."