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Also maybe Goof'll work it in to my death scene. That'd be cool.
I would like nothing more too....


The crowd is upset at the misguided attempts of Zanshin to help out Happy the other day. Like ravenous ZOMBIE like hoards, they decide to come after him.

Quick, quick, there has to be something in the guide about this!

Hmmm, nope.

Use 42? What the heck does that mean.

AHA! Ol Wolfy must have stumbled on this the other day. Let's see...

Zanshin places the guide at his feet. Looking at the directions, he moves his hand in an almost dance like fashioin. His hoof shoots up in the air. It comes back to his chest, then is thrust up in the air again. Next his hoof stomps on the ground. And for good measure stomps the ground again. The hoof points to the crowd at the left. The hoof points to the crowd to the right. Once more again to the crowd on the left. And back again to the crowd to the right. Then his hoof kicks a rock at a bees nest, which falls to the ground and begins to mess with all the llama's coming after Zanshin. As the llama's try to evade the angry bees, Fonzierellama pulls up in a convertable.


He shouts to the llamas, motioning them to follow him. He leads the crowd of llama's away from the bees to the safety of the aquarium, where he steps on the gas and takes the car flying off a jump over one of the aquarium tanks. It lands safely on the other side. He turns and smiles at the llama's, knowing full well that Fonzierellama has indeed, jumped the shark.

Nerllama steps out and retraces the actions.


He used the konami code!

Zanshin was up for lynching today, but was protected against the lynch by Howard the ?

Night 6 Begins