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    Update 59c


    Having obtained her second Object, with the acquisition of Cruelty, Xifra decided to begin Seeking on her own. Her first Object sought was Solitude. Easiest. Object quest. EVER. Well, easy for Xifra, anyway. To feel the emptiness and solitude of every life that was ever lived? It made her laugh.

    Her second quest (offscreen, for ick) was for The Self. And her third (onscreen, customized) was for The Bloom. She then contacted Jack mentally to tell him. He asked her to meet him at Trog's.

    Once there, he told her about his deal with Which, and that he didn't remember her. She told him everything she could about their relationship and, after some hesitation, gave him The Key of the Inner Self, to help him recover what he could of what he had lost. It was very difficult for her, but Jack has replaced Algu as her idol. He then asked if he could use it on her, and she consented.

    They went to Jack's Tower, curtained, went into each other's minds, and then did a training montage. Level up music!

    Xifra later returned to the Masks temple, where Jezebel offered to promote her from a Blue Mask to a White Mask. Xifra accepted, and was told to bring a human sacrifice the next day. The person had to come willingly, but did not have to be told the truth about what was happening. Xifra decided to go and face her brother Algu, for the first time since meeting Jack. After proving to herself that she was no longer vulnerable to his super charisma aura, she mimicked it to peel off a member of his entourage - an elf named Salome - who she seduced, then took to the temple. Salome was drugged, poisoned, and taken to participate in group curtain activities until her heart stopped and her body and soul were drawn into the Warp by Slaanesh.

    Xifra has since returned to Seeking, and discovered three Objects down in the sewers. But she isn't the only one who knows they're there.

    Anyone without an entry is idle and doing stuff offscreen.

    Character list:

    1st Lt Alice Delisle
    Charity Evans
    Charlotta and Lottie
    Dag Ingasson
    Darcy Turtle Brightember
    Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War (Decker the Younger)
    Decker the Catgirl
    Elias Larmette
    Dr Ferris Fitzhenry
    George Shackleton
    Hannah Snow
    Moff Four
    Moff Thirteen
    Molly Fitzhenry
    Ostari Elves
    Peter Raven
    Rilayne aka Crazy Aunt Riley
    Sunny Evans
    The Trickster
    Vasilisa and family
    Winslow Warwick and family

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