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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    Name: Maraicne Trickster de Florugo

    Appearance: Maraicne is a blue Unicorn Pony and has a silver mane, he has a yellow 'M' for a cutie mark, and has deep brown eyes that have seen much.
    A+ Song Writing
    A+ Song Conducting
    A+ Magical Skill
    B- Cooking
    B- Guitar/Bass/Keyboard playing
    C- Memory
    D- Singing Skill

    Biography: Maraicne is the Uncle of Minstrone. He went to Pony Prison for acciddently grabbing 2 pennies from the take a penny leave a penny. He was in Prision for 2 seconds. He went back home and saw that his nephew Minstrone had indeed taken his sigil clothing as he asked, and Maraicne had to go find him before he did something stupid with it. Maraicne has just recently found out that his Nephew had built a house in Bridal Shores, and has gone to go find him.

    Personality: Maraicne can become quite worked up about things in a hurry, and is always quick to find someone to have fun with. He likes rollercoasters especially and loves talking to other ponies about magic since he has learned from one of the best(in his opinion) unicorns ever. He loves the ocean, and wishes he could fly.

    Cutie Mark: Like every member of the Trickster Family, they all share the same Cutie Mark, a yellow 'M', all of their names also begin with M.
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