Name: Thunderbolt
Type: Pegasus Pony
Appearance: Thunderbolt has a blue coat with a lightning yellow mane and tail, in a rather spiky style.
Cutie Mark: None, eventually two crossed thunderbolts
Special Talent: Racing!
Skills: Thunderbolt is the best around on a scooter. He's fast, and he can pull off some impressive stunts when he deigns to do so.
Flaws: Pride. Thunderbolt is very prideful.
Biography: Thunderbolt and his family (his brother, his mom, and his stepdad) have only recently moved to Bridal Shores. His biological father was, in his prime, a professional racer. Nowadays, he's a washed-up old colt who drinks beer while reminiscing about his glory days. Eventually Thunderbolt's mother divorced him and remarried in Bridal Shores. The wedding has yet to happen. (Potential plot?)
Personality: Thunderbolt is a colt with something to prove. He's not the most social pony, but he's driven to be the best. His father's shadow constantly looms over him, he feels.
Relationships: Has a brother who is a little smaller than him, much smarter, and younger by exactly two minutes. Could develop a rivalry with Spark Chaser.