Yeah, Cirno the stall manager is well worth a read. It was nice seeing a depiction of Tenshi that wasn't either lawl masochist or stupid evil(not evil-evil, but jerk-evil, y'know). Still, with that being said, seeing Tenshi be an utter monster of a brat in Flandre's Sherbet is quite hilarious. Also, charismatic Remilia and a fresh twist to Flan's mental instabilities.

And just so I'm not gushing about about those alone, Four Seasons' House is another cute comic. It's basically a modern slice-of-life following Letty and her family Minoriko/Shizuha, Lily, Yuuka, and her parents Shikieiki and Komachi. Go read it, before I go useless little bunny, only good for her sex appeal Udonge on your rear.

Also, don't know if it's been mentioned before, but Tutti Sound. Ahhn~

Pre-post edit: @SparkMandriller Anyone else seeing some Udonge in there? And who supplied her... *ahem* "assets"? (maybe she is a useless little bunny, only good for her sex appeal. >‿‿>)