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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    Name: Dreamrunner
    Type: Pegasus Pony
    Appearance: Dreamrunner has a Silver coat and a Silver mane, She has a cutie mark that looks like a ghost.
    Cutie Mark: A ghost
    Skills: Dreamrunner is very good at being Intangible ever since the year 1175.
    Biography: When she was still tangible in the year 1175, Dreamrunner was a magnificent filly. She loved to fly, and the birds flew with her. Most importently, she had an Eccentric Uncle named Arcanus. He was her favorite uncle, and she, his favorite niece. Then, one day, a terrible accident happened when Dreamrunner was helping her uncle with some experiments in His Castle: "Pony La Mer", and she became a ghost. She never saw her uncle again. For the past centuries she has been lonely at the castle, being by herself and being unable to be seen by small animals. The only beings that are able to see her are other ponies. She wishes to one day to become tangible once more.
    Personality: Dreamrunner is shy, she will jump at any chance to talk to another pony since she only sees one ever so often.
    Relationships: She has no relationships, for she no longer knows anyone to call a friend. She like other fillys and mares though.
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