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    Names: Orange Legs and Blue Legs

    Type: Earth Ponies

    Appearance: a dull orange stallion and mare. Both of their hair all grey (Orange's was originally brown and Blue's was green).

    Cutie Mark: A bucket of random pieces of metal (Orange) and a question mark (Blue)

    Skills: Hard work and Strange customs!

    Hometown Old Village, H

    Biography: All most ponies know about them is that they are an old couple from a territory added to Equestria after a sort war. They were used to live in another country but their grown son bought them a house in Bridle Shores and forced them to move because life is too hard there. They are pretty much a pair of funny foreigners.

    They run a shop in town that part scrapyard, part pawn shop, and part hardware store. It is at the northernmost house and closest to the forest on that side of town.

    Personality: They both are very friendly and are always willing to help. Just don't offend them.

    is boisterous, very helpful, and is always willing to make deals with anypony at his Junk Shop.

    Blue is more introverted but not silent. She is always concerned with the poor eating habits of the local ponies and will insist ponies eat her food.

    Relationships: They are married to each other since birth because that how they do it in their homeland.
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