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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    Name: Icy Touch

    Appearance: Unicorn with light blue coat. Cyan mane and tail. Has a cutie mark of three icicles, arranged radially.

    Skills: Ice-related

    Biography: Icy Touch hails from the frozen northern regions of Equestria. Being a unicorn of the north, she has powers over ice and water, like most of the northern unicorns do.

    No one knows why she choose to leave her homeland for the warm beaches of Bridle Shores. At least, she isn't sharing her purpose with anyone yet.

    Personality: Aloof and cold, a venerable ice queen, Icy will only speak when spoken too, and will not entertain strangers unless her interest is piqued, or she has some purpose of her own. Also ruthless in pursing her goals, with other ponies being tools for her purpose. Fortunately, she doesn't show this side too often.

    Relationships: None in Bridle Shores.
    Currently, has irrational hate for Wyrmpel. Distant from most other ponies. Has a crush on Fox Trot.
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