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    A little nonsense is good for the mind (generated by Picture this, if you can:

    -The ballerina is uxorious. The marzipan over the impresario accidentally bestows great honor upon the toothpick over a bubble. Sometimes a guardian angel behind some bonbon dies, but the tea party around the ruffian always amorously plays pinochle with a polite pocket! A tenor falls in love with a slyly unruffled bonbon

    -Unlike so many lunatics who have made their sheepish bubble abhorrent to us, hands remain likeable. Sometimes the coward returns home, but another placid bride always borrows money from some bride living with a boy! A taxidermist bestows great honor upon a somnambulist about a cup. Jean-Pierre, although somewhat soothed by a curse and an alchemist, still finds lice on her from the ribbon near the coward, find subtle faults with her a piroshki with a starlet defined by a maestro, and assimilates the dark side of her tenor.

    -A coward gives secret financial aid to the unseemly mirror. He called her the Interloper (or was it Toscanini?). If a slyly friendly cream puff knowingly bounces the widow from a cup, then some philosopher comes from behind some haunch strokes.

    PM5K Quotes:

    Living so free is a tragedy, when you can't be what you want to be -Free

    You want to save us 'cause you want it all, and you want the transmit 'cause you want the call, and you want the one that made the worlds collide, but since when it's happened, its grown twice in size. -Drop the Bombshell

    Nobody's real, but you'll feel it, feel it tonight -Nobody's real

    Sometimes the good guys, they don't where white, no! -Heros & Villains

    Don't lose your mind, its OK to be out of line.
    Don't lose your way, 'cause this is your day to rise up, rise up!-Do your thing

    Games run:

    Structured Games:
    • Spy Wars (Finished)
    • Insane Mafia (Finished)


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    "I'm really just a dog...*bite* APRIL FOOL!"
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    "Your name must be 'Lunch'. Hello Lunch."

    101jir's WW:
    The Infected: Half Devil: Lynched day 1: Loss
    Mafia XI: Murder Inc Boss: Lynched day 4: win
    Jot Tardis: Angel: Lynched day 2: Cancelled
    Dorkness Rising: Flynn: NK'd final night: Loss
    Isocerne City: lynched
    The Mummy: Converted to snake : Lynched day after conversion (Day 5): Cancelled

    Other games I have participated in:

    Naval Battle: Cancelled (Fudge)
    Kenny Rogers in SPAACCE: In Progress (Fudge): Augustus Black
    Diplomacy FLAB: Germany: In progress
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    Long Sig (now with nonsense riddles).

    Augustus "Gus" Black

    THX to PallElandro for the unintentional suggestion of my new Avi. All hail PallElandro. OR ELSE!!! either learn to laugh, or you go insane. I prefer to laugh.
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