Name: Sweet Dream
Appearance: A young looking mare with a soft pink coat, Dream is a distinctive earth pony. Her mane is white, and looks like a flowing cloud.
Skills: Sleeping, being hyper... and magic. Her major thing is the spell to allow any pony to walk on clouds. Those who look at her when she uses magic could almost swear that she has a horn, and some delusional travellers insist they've seen her with wings.
Biography: Sweet Dream has lived in Bridle Shores for longer than anyone can remember, and she runs the civic centre, where tired pony travellers can rest their heads. The civic centre is located on a cloud near the edge of the town, with a spiral staircase of clouds leading up to it. It is a large, white building, the same colour as the clouds it stands on, and it seems far more ornate than a public building has any right to be. it has many bedrooms, all quite comfortable, several bathrooms, a kitchen or two, and a communal dining room and sitting room.
Personality: Sweet Dream is bubbly and cheerful, although she sometimes seems lonely. She quite often sits on the balcony, staring up at the stars, and she tends to sleep through the day. She is generally found at the front desk, snoozing on a pillow.
Relationships: Sweet Dream is a friend of the mayor; and some ponies claim she's affiliated with the princess herself. That said, some ponies claim a lot of things about her, and only some of them are true. Like the time she vanquished a dragon? No proof that ever happened.
Cutie Mark: A pink star poking out from behind a cloud.