Do you play CCGs? stupid question apparantly.

if you could be any CCG card what would you be?

Cisco or Nortel?

iPod or MP3 player?

Bose or Beats?

Mac or PC?

360 or PS3

Blu Ray or DivX stream?

TARDIS or DeLorian?

Hoopy or frood?

Invisibility cloak or elder wand?

B5 or DS9?

Scotch or Bourbon?

HCl or NaOH?

GDI or Nod?

what OS do you use on your primary "computer"

Laptop or desktop?

Sniper Rifle or Shotgun?

GLaDOS or Wheatly?

Ice or Fire?

favorite season?

Doctor or Master?

What can change the nature of a man?

Death or Cake?

if you had super powers would you be a hero or villan?

what super power would you like?

what would your super alias be called?

Life has given you lemons, what is your reaction?

or ?