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Do you play CCGs? stupid question apparantly.

if you could be any CCG card what would you be?

This card singlehandedly got me back into playing M:tG.

Cisco or Nortel?
Cisco, I suppose, since my school is fond of using it.

iPod or MP3 player?
iPod, but only because my father got it for me instead of a case for my guitar (which I only just now rectified, four years later).

Bose or Beats?
BEATS. OH GOD BEATS. I love them. They were a graduation present, and they're FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANtastic.

Mac or PC?
PC. Macs make me confused and angry.

360 or PS3
360, though with as little as I use online multiplayer, I should have gone for PS3, AMIRITE! HAYOOOO!

Blu Ray or DivX stream?
DivX, since I can't play BluRay. My girlfriend has a BluRay player, though, and it looks quite fancy.

TARDIS or DeLorian?

Seriously though, I'm only just now getting into Doctor Who, so I'm going with the DeLorean. I want one, so bad.

Hoopy or frood?
Six to one, half dozen to another. I know where my towel is, that's what counts.

Invisibility cloak or elder wand?
Invisibility cloak, hands down. Sure, I'd like to cast unbeatable spells, but seriously. Invisibility cloak. Worth it.

B5 or DS9?
I've not seen Babylon 5, so I default to Deep Space 9. That said, though, I much prefer Next Generation.

Scotch or Bourbon?
JACK DAGNELS. Seriously, Epic Meal Time puts it to such good use. And unfortunately I lack the taste tolerance to put up with scotch.

HCl or NaOH?
HCl sucka. But clearly only to conduct electricity, not to throw at my enemies. Right.

GDI or Nod?
Well, I'm not in a fraternity, but I don't think that's what this question is asking.

What OS do you use on your primary "computer."
Vista. (Cue boos and hisses.)

Laptop or desktop?
Craptop right now, desktop once I acquire parts. Actually, it's not really a craptop, but it's not that great (it's a Lenovo T500, if you're wondering).

Sniper Rifle or Shotgun?
In real life or games? Real life, shotguns SUCK because the kick is so big. Then again, big sniper rifles follow the same problem. In any event, videogame-wise I say snipers, since aiming in videogames is incredibly easy. Real life, shotgun, but with a shoulderpad to absorb the kick.

GLaDOS or Wheatly?
Haven't played Portal 2 yet. :/ (Cue boos and hisses.)

Ice or Fire?
Burn, baby.

Favorite season?
Spring. Not too hot, not too cold.

Doctor or Master?
William Hartnell.

What can change the nature of a man?
This question torments me.

Death or Cake?
It's Cake or Death, sir.

If you had super powers would you be a hero or villan?
Corporate tool.

What super power would you like?

What would your super alias be called?
The Disco Inferno.

Life has given you lemons, what is your reaction?
Make life rue the day it gave me lemons. (Yes, I haven't played, but I did watch a video of Cave Johnson quotes.)

or ?
Deth Muncher. We're done here.