Holy crap...since January? Damn.

Chapter 4 - Part 1

The young dragons spend the next few weeks learning how to control the various aspects of their dragon halves. Mostly what was covered was Shifting and basic control of their powers, as well as some flying lessons.

Tracy excelled in the flying area. That was partially due to her being a Wind Dragon. But, Pete and John caught on to it quick enough, and were decent fliers themselves. John really got the hang on controlling his lightning abilities. Tracy seemed to have trouble in that area. She had difficulties calling up her powers. Pete could call up his fire just fine, though he had difficulty with any sort of finesse.

The three of them spent a lot of their free time hanging out and exploring the woods in the campgrounds. John and Pete learned that Tracy only lived a couple miles from them, in the next city north of them. They decided they should hang out a few times before school begins again.

The day quickly came for them to leave. The night before, the camp staff had a huge dinner set up at the pavilion. A sort of going home ceremony.

Tracy, John, and Pete were seated together, discussing their plans for the rest of the summer. At that point, Mr. Drant stood up and cleared his throat to get everybody's attention.

"Well, here we are, at the end of another wonderful training year. Please, join me in applauding the efforts of our staff, who volunteered their free time to help train all of you." Mr. Drant starts clapping, and everybody joins in.

"Now, some things I wish to share. Before you leave, you will be given an envelope. This has the contact info of various council members in your area. Do not lose this. It may prove very useful to you in the future. Should you have any problems, please contact somebody from that list."

"And now, it is time for bed. You all need to be up early so you can pack and be ready to leave."

The young dragons slowly cleaned up their trays and headed to their tents for the final night.

"Yes, time to go home!" Pete gave a fist pump as he caught up with John and Tracy.

John shakes his head a little. "Eh, I kind of liked it out here. Plus, we'll have to explain everything to Marc."

Pete's smile disappeared. "Oh, yeah. That's gonna suck."

"I can come with you guys, if you want. Help explain it," Tracy offered.

John nods a little. "Thanks. That might help."