Name: Ink Antation
Skills: Writing
Biography: Ink moved into town with his sister. He's been working on a novel for some time, but has started over a number of times.
Personality: Ink is quiet and introspective, preferring to think about his words carefully rather than rush into conversations. He's friendly however, and an excellent listener.
Relationships: Brother to Dorian.
Cutie Mark: Vial of Ink with a Quill Pen

Name: Dorian Tonic
Skills: Music
Biography: Dorian moved to the town with her brother after a long stint making music with her friends. She's always looking around for a collaboration.
Personality: Outgoing and fun loving. Generally more rude than Ink, but never on purpose.
Relationships: Sister to Ink
Cutie Mark: A Heart-Shaped Vinyl Album