That night, you gather at the long table for dinner. Kiah is introduced to the Lord and Lady Ulrich, and she is warmly welcomed. Delphinia's and Hajih's absence is noted, but attributed to "ranger business". Ssilithos' body is kept outside in the stalls to forestall any decomposition until you can figure out how best to dispose of his remains. Though he was abrasive and foolish, you raise a glass to his memory.

Lord Ulrich is eager to hear how the two hydrae were slain, and he nearly spills his soup leaning forward to catch every detail. Once the story is complete, Lady Ulrich yawns and excuses herself, citing fatigue. With a rueful shrug, Lord Ulrich too rises from the table and bids you all good night.

Once again, vials of Lady Ulrich's healing elixir are provided for those who remain injured. A fine sherry and more cigars are also offered by Lord Ulrich's servants, and you are led to a richly furnished study to spend the evening sipping and puffing in the firelight.

A small chest lies in the center of an oak table by one of the windows. Inside the chest are, as promised, 2000 gold pieces that glitter in the light spilling in through the window from the full moon.

You begin to discuss how best to divide the reward among those present (and not present). A few sideways glances are sent Achkby's way, but if this bothers the halfling sorceror, he shows no signs of it.

Once Si'rene is sure that you are alone and not being observed, she waves everyone over next to the fireplace.

"When I found Kiah, I checked the hydrae's lair for any magical items left among the ... debris ... outside the cave."

The white-haired elf lays out three items before the hearth: an old rusted and pitted gauntlet, a clear crystalline prism, and a burnished silver ring. The silver ring appears to originally have been set with three rubies, but two of the stones are missing. Only a single red ruby remains, sparkling in the firelight.

Looking up, Si'rene asks, "Where is Katrin?"