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Makes sense. How to do it however...

+5 BAB seems too high with casting ability also required, and raising one of the skills to 8 ranks seem also seems high unless there's a non-caster skill I could throw in. Only needing 1 level of wizard makes 8 ranks in knowledge seem unreasonable to me. Am I wrong? Does it seem appropriate to you?
Well, you determine what kind of character would enter a PrC by the entry requirements. What class mix are you looking for? Half and half with an Arcane Caster and a full BAB class? Or all the full BAB with a single level of the Arcane?

Using skill ranks is usually a decent way to regulate entry, but with a theurge class like this, that doesn't really work. So I'd focus primarily on the casting and BAB. For the Half and Half, go BAB +3, Able to cast second level Arcane spells. For the Mostly Full BAB go BAB +4, Able to cast first level Arcane spells.

Then again, you may not be looking for a Full BAB class to enter into this anyways. For example, the Swashbuckler seems like they should be able to enter. In that case, going the skill route really does seem better. It'll be a bit costly if the skill isn't available to both sides, but it is possible.

So it really comes down to who you want to enter the class.