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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent_0042 View Post
    Just realize that since you aren't setting a standard, you're not going to get a clear consensus on whether the class is balanced or not.
    Personally the whole "Tier" concept feels like it goes against the idea of "Balance" to me. Tier 1 = Balanced only if nothing is Balanced. Tier 5 and below = Same. Tier 3 = Balanced as long as no one is using anything unbalanced.

    I've always looked at content as Balanced vs Unbalanced, not Balanced vs Balanced but not as compared to other "Balanced" content.

    Quote Originally Posted by Agent_0042 View Post
    If you do want to bump it up, the best way to do it would be to require 2nd-level spells and BAB +3, combined with the feat requirements. That means at earliest it takes being a human and five levels of duskblade (six if you're not human), being a human and three levels of another arcane caster/two of any full BAB class (plus another level in either if you're not human), or six levels of a caster in order to qualify.

    You can also replace Run with, say, proficiency in all martial weapons. That keeps the entry levels for the human duskblade and warrior/caster at sixth, brings the entry level for non-humans to the same as for humans, and prevents you from entering as a pure caster (which I don't think you want). It also prevents the odd Bard entry, unlikely as it may be.
    I like this. More modifications in the works.

    Quote Originally Posted by Agent_0042 View Post
    Elemental Resistance seems a little odd in that you select a single element for the whole day, while the other abilities let you use multiple elements over the course of the day. Maybe let you change it as a full round action, or a minute if you really don't want people to do it in combat?
    That was the original mechanic but I nerfed it to 1 per day after posting it. Perhaps this should be changed back?

    Quote Originally Posted by Agent_0042 View Post
    Energy Blade is cool, though I would suggest moving Swift Charge to fifth level.
    I agree, however I am not thrilled with leaving a 1 dead level with 9 good ones. (Fix possible with the Energy Substitution idea below)

    Quote Originally Posted by Agent_0042 View Post
    Suggestion 1: Energy Substitution only lets you substitute one type of energy, selected when you take the feat, though you can take the feat multiple times. Perhaps give Energy Substitution as a bonus feat on even levels?
    Great idea. Fits thematically and give a small but needed boost to the casting ability.
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