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    Default Re: Silver Dragon playable Class (3.5)

    Silver Dragon

    Description & Details:
    A silver dragon in its true form can be recognized by the smooth, shiny plate that forms its face. The dragon has a frill that rises high over its head and continues down the neck and back to the tip of the tail. Long spines with dark tips support the frill. The dragon also has ear frills with similar spines. It has two smooth, shiny horns, also with dark tips. A silver dragon has a beaklike nose and a strong chin with a dangling frill that some observers say looks like a goatee. A silver wyrmlingís scales are blue-gray with silver highlights. As the dragon advances, its color slowly brightens until the individual scales are scarcely visible. From a distance, these dragons look as if they have been sculpted from pure metal. As a silver dragon advances, its pupils fade until the strongest have eyes that resemble orbs of mercury. A silver dragon carries the scent of rain about it.

    Silver Dragons will adventure for many reasons. Most often they'll do so to help defend innocents, or to stamp out a source of evil that has grown far too great to ignore. However, like all dragons, Silver Dragons do enjoy treasure, and will adventure to find valuables like long lost treasures.

    Though usually lawful and good, silver dragons have no great love for hierarchies and formal authority. They believe that living a moral life involves doing good deeds and taking no actions that bring undeserved harm to other beings. Actions that cause no harm are not their business. Silver dragons are hardly pacifists, however, and they are quick to battle other beings who would do evil or harm the innocent. They usually do not take it upon themselves to root out evil. Silver dragons find that, in time, evil tends to make itself felt almost everywhere, and they seek to stamp it out whenever it appears in their vicinity. Should they discover widespread evil looming over the land, however, they are both willing and able to locate its source and tackle it there.

    Most Silver Dragons will serve gods of the Draconic pantheon. Those few who deign to break from this tradition will worship gods with similar ideals to their own.

    Silver dragons prefer aerial lairs on secluded mountain peaks or amid the clouds themselves. A cloud lair always has an enchanted area with a solid floor for laying eggs and storing treasure. mountain lairs occasionally bring with them the threat of Red Dragons due to their similar nesting habits.

    Silver dragons may also dwell in towns or in dungeons. When doing so, they typically take a humanoid form and blend in with the rest of the population. They always situate themselves near one or more open areas where they have space to assume their true forms when necessary.

    Other Classes: Like Paladins, Silver Dragons will rarely adventure with somebody who constantly breaks their own code of ethics. If they adventure with somebody who does, it is usually because they think the person can be redeemed, or because it serves a greater good.

    Favored Class:

    Additionally, the DM and player are encouraged to collaborate on why the dragon advances the way it does. A common explanation is that the dragon is simply a mutant, and grows through power rather than age.


    {TABLE=head]Level | BAB | Fort | Ref | Will | Feature
    1| +1| +2| +0| +2| Silver Dragon Body, Hoard, Alternate Form, Encrusted Hide +2
    2| +2| +3| +0| +3| Keen Senses, Blizzard Breath
    3| +3| +3| +1| +3| Blindsense, Cloudwalking, Draconic Roar, Encrusted hide +3
    4| +4| +4| +1| +4| Silver Dragon SLAs, Silver Ingenuity, Silver Resistances
    5| +5| +4| +1| +4| Detect Evil, Paralyzing Breath, Encrusted Hide +4
    6| +6| +5| +2| +5| Wings, Claws, +1 strength
    7| +7| +5| +2| +5| Boon of Bahamut, Sleet Storm,
    8| +8| +6| +2| +6| Domain, Tiring Breath, Silver Sight +1 Charisma
    9| +9| +6| +3| +6| Improved Alternate Form, Ice Storm,
    10| +10| +7| +3| +7|Growth, Freezing Breath, +1 Constitution
    11| +11| +7| +3| +7| Tail Slap, Gale-force Breath, Wing Attack, +1 Strength,
    12| +12| +8| +4| +8| Arcane Skin, Iron Scales, Silver Speed
    13| +13| +8| +4| +8| Control Water, Control Winds, +1 Charisma
    14| +14| +9| +4| +9| Lightning Breath, Greater Paralyzing Breath, +1 Constitution
    15| +15| +9| +5| +9| Frightful Presence, Growth, Crush, +1 Strength
    16| +16| +10| +5|+10| Reverse Gravity, Protective Aura, +1 Charisma
    17| +17| +10| +5|+10| Control Weather, Stasis Breath
    18| +18| +11| +6|+11| Domain, Silver Immunities, +1 Constitution
    19| +19| +11| +6|+11| Whirlwind, Lightning Storm Breath,
    20| +20| +12| +6|+12| Perfected Alternate Form, Bahamut's Grace, +1 Strength, +1 Constitution, +1 Charisma

    4 Skill points+int per level, quadruple at 1st level. Class skills: Concentration, climb, Disguise, Jump, spot, listen, search, appraise, bluff, intimidate, Knowledge(all skills, taken individually), Use Magic Device.

    Proficiencies: a Silver Dragon isn't proficient with any armor or weapons, besides her own natural weapons.


    Silver Dragon Body (Ex):
    The Silver Dragon loses all other racial bonuses, and gains Dragon traits, a bite attack for 1d8+strength modifier damage, medium size, resistance to cold equal to her Hit dice, and a base land speed of 40 feet. She has wings, but they're too weak to do anything for now. Her claws are capable of fine manipulation and can be used for somatic components of spell casting or anything else a human hand could do.

    The Silver Dragon also gets a natural armor bonus equal to her Constitution modifier. Whenever she grows one size category, her natural armor increases by a further 1.

    The Silver Dragon has vulnerability to fire.

    Hoard (Su):
    Many wonder at the reason for a dragon's hoard. Many suspects it's because dragons are greedy, but what about the good ones? While good is still susceptible to greed, it seems suspicious that all dragons tend to have hoards, regardless of type.

    The truth is, a dragon draws power from its hoard. Just as a knight become more powerful with a +5 sword than the rusted pitted one he found in a shed out back, dragons become more powerful with the more wealth they accumulate. It can be used in many ways depending on the type of item it is.

    Gold: Gold can be used to gain the benefits of any item equal to half the amount put towards it. So, it would cost 50,000 GP to gain the benefits of a ring of evasion instead of 25,000. However, the benefit is that the gold can be un-attuned from specific benefits, go back to the hoard's total, and be re-attuned to a new benefit of some sort. The benefits of this are treated as if the dragon were actually wearing the item, so you can't attune to a piece of armor in your hoard, actually be wearing armor, and gain the benefits of both for example. Additionally, this cannot be used to gain expendable items such as wands or scrolls.
    Weapons: The Dragon can gain the benefits of weapons in its hoard. With each weapon, the dragon chooses one of its own natural weapons, or a pair of natural weapons (Such as claws or wings) the natural weapon gains the benefits of the manufactured weapon for as long as the dragon is attuned to it. This includes the benefits of any material the weapon is made out of, such as adamantine.
    Armor: A dragon attuned to a piece of armor is treated as if it were wearing the armor. The armor does not have to be the same size as the dragon.
    clothing: Items such as necklaces, rings, boots and such are treated as if the dragon were wearing them. Most dragons prefer not to wear them, since a dragon with a crown and a cape looks silly.

    Un-attuning an item is a free action. Attuning to items in your hoard can only be done during rest, and takes 8 hours.

    However, despite being the Dragon's greatest strength, the hoard is also its greatest weakness. A dragon must designate specific spots as belong to its hoard, and if the items are taken out of the hoard, the dragon no longer has the benefits of the item. This is the reason why many dragons guard their hoards with their very lives, or set up dozens of traps for interlopers.

    There are other benefits to attuning to an item instead of simply wearing it of course. Attuned items cannot be sundered, except by finding that item in the hoard and sundering it. While the benefits from attunement go away in an antimagic field, they come back once the dragon has left said field. While Disjunction will break the attunement on items, it will not actually destroy the items the dragon is attuned to, and the dragon can re-attune itself to the items during its next 8 hour rest.

    Additionally, the previous items can be attuned to mundane items it has. An adamantine Greatsword can be attuned to an adamantine warhammer, as long as there are no conflicting enhancements, and the warhammer will gain the benefits of the enhancements, and any special materials the weapon is made out of. This also applies to other mundane items. You cannot have the same weapon attuned to a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon at the same time.

    Lastly, hoards cannot be chosen willy nilly. Designating an area as your hoard requires you to spend 8 hours at the place to be considered your hoard. Choosing a place as your hoard is an ancient magic and cannot be disturbed, or it has to be redone. A player is allowed to choose to have a specific spot as their hoard before the campaign begins.

    Alternate Form (Su): A Silver Dragon can assume any humanoid form of Medium size or smaller as a standard action 1/day for each HD she has. She can remain in her humanoid form until she chooses to assume a new one or return to her natural form. She cannot choose a form with more Hit dice than she has.

    Encrusted hide (Ex):
    Dragons simply love sleeping in their hoards when they have the opportunity. This tends to make things like gold and jewels stick within their hide, granting them additional armor. The Dragon gets a +2 armor bonus to armor class, and gains an additional +1 to this figure at level 3 and 5 for a total of a +4 armor bonus.

    Keen Senses (Ex): At level 2 the Silver Dragon sees four times as well as a human in shadowy illumination and twice as well in normal light. She also has darkvision out to 120 feet.

    Blizzard Breath (Su):
    At level 2 the Silver Dragon gains a breath weapon that she can use once every 1d4 rounds.* The Breath weapon is a 30 foot cone that deals 1d6 cold damage/HD with a reflex save DC 10+Half HD+Constitution modifier for half damage. The range of the cone increases by 5 feet per HD.

    Blindsense (Ex):
    At level 3 the Silver Dragon gains blindsense as the normal ability, range 60 feet.

    Cloudwalking (Su):
    At level 3 the Silver Dragon can tread on clouds or fog as though on solid ground. The ability functions continuously but can be negated or resumed at will.

    Draconic Roar (Ex):
    At level 3, even a Dragon's roar is a threatening weapon. As a Swift action the Silver Dragon can emit an astounding roar. Doing so deals half her breath weapon damage in Sonic damage. A successful Fortitude save (DC 10+ Half HD+ Constitution modifier) negates the damage. Once a Silver Dragon uses her Draconic roar she can't use it again until after she uses her breath weapon. The Roar affects all creatures within 30 feet. Dragons are immune to the effects of the Draconic Roar ability.

    Silver Ingenuity (Ex): At level 4 the Silver Dragon gains 4 additional skill points, and gains 1 additional skill point for every HD she has after the first, and every HD she acquires thereafter.

    Silver Dragon SLAs (Su):
    The Silver Dragon gains a number of spell like abilities, starting at level 4

    At level 4 she can use Fog Cloud 1/day per 2 HD.

    At level 7 she can use Sleet Storm 1/day per 3 HD

    At level 9 she can use Ice Storm 1/day per 3 HD

    At level 10, any SR:Yes spells she has from this class, whether they be from the domains or from SLAs, are changed to SR:No. This applies to those she has now, and those gained in the future due to this class.

    At level 13 she can use Control Winds and Control Water 1/day per 5 HD each

    At level 16 she can use Reverse Gravity 1/day per 5 HD

    at level 17 she can use Control Weather 1/day per 6 HD

    At level 19 she can use Whirlwind 1/day per 7 HD

    Silver Resistances (Ex):
    At 4th level, the Silver Dragon gains immunity to cold and gains electricity resistance equal to her HD.

    Detect Evil (Su): At level 5, the Silver Dragon gains the detect evil ability, usable at will.
    At 8 HD, With a fourth round of study, she is able to determine whether the target detects as Evil due to taint, arcane or profane energies (including spells and curses), personality and actions, and/or a subtype.
    At 11 HD, she can bypass alignment concealing effects such as undetectable alignment as long as she succeeds on an opposed caster level check
    At 14 HD the range of the effect doubles and the number of rounds required to discern information is reduced by 2. This cannot reduce the number of rounds she must concentrate to less than 1
    At 17 HD she learns all available information within 1 round and the effect is always on.
    At 20 HD, her ability to detect evil has become so innate that not even antimagic can prevent it. Detect Evil becomes an extraordinary ability.

    Paralyzing Breath (Su): At 5th level, the Silver Dragon gains another breath weapon, a cone of paralyzing gas which she can use once every 1d4 rounds.* The cone is 45 feet wide and the range increases by another 5 feet for every HD she gains beyond this point. Targets of the breath weapon must succeed on a fortitude save (DC 10+1/2HD+Constitution modifier) or be paralyzed 1 round for each 2HD she possesses.

    Wings (Ex):
    At level 6 the Silver Dragon becomes able to fly at a speed of 10 feet per HD, with poor maneuverability. The wings are still not strong enough to be used as weapon.

    Claws (Ex): At level 6, the Silver Dragon's claws are now strong enough to be used as weapons. They are secondary natural weapons that deal 1d6+1/2 strength modifier damage.

    Ability Score Increase (Ex):
    The Silver Dragon's ability scores increase by the shown amount at the following levels.

    {table]Level | Bonus gained
    6|+1 Strength
    8|+1 Charisma
    10|+1 Constitution
    11|+1 Strength
    13|+1 Charisma
    15|+1 Strength
    16|+1 Charisma
    18|+1 Constitution
    20|+1 Strength, +1 Constitution, +1 Charisma
    for a total increase of +4 strength, +4 Constitution and +4 Charisma at level 20

    Boon of Bahamut (Su): At level 7, the Silver Dragon now possesses the ability to heal the injured. She can heal a number of hit points per day equal to her HD times her charisma modifier. At 10 HD the number is double this amount, at 13 it is triple, and it continues to increase in the same manner (Quadruple, Quintuple, Etc.) Every 3 HD. This is a touch range ability and requires a standard action to use.

    Domain (Su): At levels 8 and 18 the Silver Dragon chooses one domain from the following: Air, Good, Protection, and Water. From that point onward, she can cast each spell from that domain once a day as long as she has HD equal to twice the spell's level. Additionally, the Storm and winter domains are also available. The Silver Dragon does not gain the granted power of any domain.

    Tiring Breath (Su): At level 8, in addition to her Ice breath weapon's normal abilities, she can add one round to the recharge time to make her breath weapon a tiring breath weapon. All targets who fail their saves are fatigued. At 11 HD they are instead exhausted, and are fatigued even if they make their save as long as the breath weapon still hits. At 14 HD even creatures that would normally be immune are still affected. The breath weapon is considered to have ďHitĒ if the target does not have evasion or improved evasion when they make their save.

    Silver Sight (Ex):
    At 8th level, inclement weather no longer impairs a Silver Dragon's perception. No form of storm or weather penalizes a dragon's spot, or listen checks any longer. The Dragon can see through storms, including but not limited to, Rainstorms, hailstorms, sandstorms and blizzard's with no impairment, and even tornado force winds cannot impair it's listening.

    Improved Alternate Form (Su): At level 9 The Silver Dragon retains the following in any form if she wishes. Additionally, any items worn in their alternate form are absorbed into their dragon form, and they gain the benefits of the items even in Dragon form.

    Detect Evil. (Spell Like ability)
    Protective Aura (Special quality)
    Boon of Bahamut
    Bahamut's Grace (Special Quality)
    All Breath Weapons and breath weapon modifications
    Physical Ability scores of its old form.
    Draconic Roar.
    Cloudwalking (Special Quality)

    Growth (Ex):At level 10 the Silver Dragon may grow a size category (ordinarily to large size).
    At level 15 she may grow another size category, (Ordinarily to huge size).
    At 23 HD she may grow another size category, (ordinarily to Gargantuan size).
    At 26 HD she may grow another size category (Ordinarily to colossal.)
    her AC, bonus to hit, base damage, grapple and skills Change accordingly, but she doesn't get any ability score bonus or penalties.

    Freezing Breath (Su): At level 10, in addition to the other effects of her blizzard breath, the Silver Dragon can make it a freezing breath weapon. All squares within range of the breath weapon are covered in ice, and all targets of the breath weapon are entangled unless they make their save. The ground is affected as if by a grease spell (save DC 10+1/2HD+Constitution modifier). Using this ability makes the Silver Dragon fatigued. If already fatigued, using the breath weapon makes her exhausted. The effects of the breath can be dispelled as a free action. She can not use this ability if she is exhausted.

    Tail Slap (Ex):
    at level 11 The Silver Dragon can now make a tail slap attack dealing 1d8 +1 and 1/2 strength damage, already taking in account large size. This is a secondary natural weapon.

    Wing Attack (Ex): At level 11 the Silver Dragon's wings have developed to the point that they can each be used as secondary natural attacks dealing 1d4+ 1/2 strength modifier damage.

    Gale-force Breath (Su):
    At level 11, in addition to its normal affects, creatures hit by the Silver Dragon's breath weapon may be affected as though struck by wind effects. The force of the effects depends on her HD according to the table below, but she may substitute the effects she would normally have for less intense ones.
    {table]HD| Wind Force
    5 HD|Severe
    10 HD|Windstorm
    15 HD|Hurricane
    20 HD|Tornado[/table]

    However, creatures ignore the above effects unless they are airborne. If a creature is on the ground, they are instead pushed back 1d6x5 feet. The Silver Dragon adds one round to the recharge time of her breath weapon when she uses this ability, and this cannot be combined with other breath effects such as freezing breath. This ability counts as the "Tempest Breath" Meta-breath feat for all other purposes, although she does not need to meet the pre-requisites of that feat to use this ability.

    Arcane Skin (Ex):At level 12 the Silver Dragon gains SR equal to her HD+11.

    Iron Scales (Ex): At level 12 the Silver Dragon gains DR/magic equal to half her HD.

    Silver Speed (Ex):
    At level 12 the dragon is no longer impeded by storms or the effects thereof. The dragon can move through difficult terrain created by storms, such as deep snow, as if it were not difficult terrain. Additionally, the dragon gains a swim speed of 40 feet. Lastly, the Dragon can fly through even Hurricane force winds unimpeded. At 16 HD, they can even move through Tornado force winds unimpeded.

    Lightning Breath (Su): At level 14 the Silver Dragon gains the use of a lightning breath weapon in addition to her others, usable once every 1d4 rounds.* The Lightning breath is a line 180 feet long and the length increases by another 10 feet for every HD the Silver Dragon gains beyond this point. The weapon deals 1d6 electricity damage/HD with a reflex save (DC of 10+half HD+Constitution modifier) for half damage.

    Greater Paralyzing breath (Su):
    At level 14, the Silver Dragon's paralyzing gas changes to a supernatural freezing. Immunity to paralysis no longer applies, the targets do not need to breathe to be affected, and even freedom of movement affects are negated. Targets are still entitled to a fortitude save to negate the effects.

    Crush (Ex): At level 15 the Silver Dragon can make a crush attack dealing 2d8 damage base, already taking in account huge size
    This special attack allows a flying or jumping dragon of at least Huge size to land on opponents as a standard action, using its whole body to crush them. Crush attacks are effective only against opponents three or more size categories smaller than the dragon (though it can attempt normal overrun or grapple attacks against larger opponents).

    A crush attack affects as many creatures as can fit under the dragonís body. Creatures in the affected area must succeed on a Reflex save (DC equal to that of the dragonís breath weapon) or be pinned, automatically taking bludgeoning damage during the next round unless the dragon moves off them. If the dragon chooses to maintain the pin, treat it as a normal grapple attack. Pinned opponents take damage from the crush each round if they donít escape.

    A crush attack deals the indicated damage plus 1Ĺ times the dragonís Strength bonus (round down).

    Frightful Presence (Ex):
    At level 15 this ability takes effect automatically whenever the Silver Dragon attacks, Charges, or flies overhead. Enemies within a radius of 30 feet ◊ half her HD are subject to the effect if they have fewer HD than her. A potentially affected enemy that succeeds on a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD+Charisma modifier) remains immune to that dragonís frightful presence for 24 hours. On a failure, enemies with 4 or less HD become panicked for 4d6 rounds and those with 5 or more HD become shaken for 4d6 rounds. Dragons ignore the frightful presence of other dragons.

    Protective Aura (Su): The Silver Dragon yearns to protect her allies and innocents against evil. At level 16, any creatures she designates as allies within 5+5 x Charisma modifier feet get a boost to Armor class and all saves equal to ľ of her HD. The boost to saves stacks with abilities such as Divine grace, and the boost to armor applies against incorporeal and touch attacks. The protective aura of multiple Silver Dragons does not stack, and the dragon can not benefit from her own aura.

    Stasis Breath (Su): At level 17, Combining her ice and paralysis breath weapons into a single blast, the Silver Dragon encases her targets, friend or foe, in a prism of arcanely charged ice. Such targets remain encased for 1d3 rounds. An encased target cannot be damaged or targeted by spells or abilities and cannot take actions. If there are any duration-based effects on the target other than the breath weapon, they do not count down for the duration of the breath's effects. her breath weapon range is halved in the doing, and she can choose to not deal damage. The recharge time is changed to 2d4 rounds after using this ability.

    Silver Immunity (Ex): At level 18, the Silver Dragon's electricity resistance is changed to electricity immunity.

    Lightning Storm Breath (Su): At level 19, the Dragon can now modify her lightning breath weapon. Upon using this modification, the breath weapon range halves, becomes a cone of sorts, and creates a small range lightning storm. Unlike a normal cone however, the Silver Dragon chooses which creatures within the zone are affected. The targets of this weapon take the normal damage and effects associated with the lightning breath unless they make a reflex save with a DC equal to the save DC of its breath weapon. The dragon adds an additional round to the recharge time of its lighting breath weapon after using this modification. Targets can only be affected once per use of this ability.

    Perfected Alternate Form (Ex): At 20th level, nothing short of epic magic or the powers of a deity can see the Silver Dragon for what she really is. In addition, Alternate form can now be used as a free action, and she gains a bonus on disguise checks equal to her HD. Lastly, Alternate form and improved alternate form become extraordinary abilities instead of supernatural.

    Bahamut's Grace (Su): At 20th level, the Silver Dragon adds a bonus to all her saves and her AC equal to her Charisma modifier. This bonus to AC applies against incorporeal and touch attacks. This does not stack with divine grace, and anything that does not stack with divine grace does not stack with this.

    *Other breath weapons are not usable when waiting for a breath weapon to recharge.

    Comments and FAQ

    1. The dragon does not have age categories.
    2. This was intended to be balanced with Tier 3 classes.
    3. The reason some of the abilities scale with hit dice so that the dragon's abilities aren't terrible if it decides to multiclass or if the dragon is in a campaign that goes to higher levels than 20.
    4. In taking this you also give up your choice of race.
    5. You do not have to be the traditional alignment for your race.
    6. This is supposed to be playable with just the SRD allowed.
    7. You can multi-class out at any level. You are not locked into taking levels from this class.


    cleared some things about the breath weapon up.

    Changed Paralyzing breath and removed the "Hold X" SLAs so that the class isn't bogged down with SLAs, and I tried making the paralysis breath capable of replacing the "Hold X" line of spells.

    Changed tiring breath so that it'll even affect things like undead at later levels.

    Added fluff and favored class.

    made detect evil extraordinary at 20 HD to reflect how innate the ability is supposed to be.

    Cleared up what's kept in alternate form.

    Added a lot of stuff that makes it more of a storm dragon as a lot of posters have been asking me to do. I gave it an option for the storm and blizzard domains, I removed the sun domain and added the water domain. I gave it storm based SLAs and I even gave it lightning breath. I also tried to make the lightning breath a little more interesting. I also gave it a breath weapon modification that mimics the effects of wind speeds.

    Added two more growths in line with the CR that the dragon would normally be that size.

    Took out Silver Will since it no longer made sense.

    Bumped up Bahamut's Grace to level 20 and bumped down Stasis Breath to level 17.

    Changed the ability score boosts to be a total of +4 and made them more consistent.

    Added Lightning Storm breath.

    Clarified that you don't gain the granted power of whichever domain you choose.

    Changed it so that you can't use your other breath weapons while one is recharging.

    Bumped up wing attack to level 11 and claws to level 6, so it'll be getting additional melee attacks at a rate more like other melee classes.

    Bumped tiring breath up to level 8 since a modification one level after a breath weapon didn't make a lot of sense.

    Nerfed all forms of alternate form a bit.

    Added Silver Speed.

    Added Silver sight.

    Removed Paladin casting. It seemed tacked on at best.

    Added Use magic device and Search to the skill list and took away spellcraft.

    Added Encrusted Hide

    Changed it so that it eventually can go through tornado force winds unimpeded.

    Did general grammar editing and made pronouns consistent.

    Got rid of redundancies in Alternate Form, and added that they keep breath weapons, Physical ability scores, Cloudwalking and Draconic roar.

    Standardized its Knowledge skill.

    Credit goes to Hyudra and Gorgondantess for helping me before the class went up, Credit to Oslecamo for the original and inspiration, and credit to everybody in this thread who helped to make this class better.
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