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    This is an AWESOME class! I can just imagine a duskblade or a swashbuckler staring down a red dragon and smirking, then touching his sword and watching it freeze before gesturing tauntingly and saying something like "Come here, I've got something for you!"

    Thematically speaking, it's like the Enlightened Fist class from Complete Arcane, except it applies to classes who can actually stay in melee for a long time (sorry monk, but d8 HD, no armor and 3/4 BAB do not combine well with 4 levels of sorcerer). As cool as punching things with fire is, putting it on a sword or an axe seems even better, and I really like image you chose to represent it.

    Okay. Done critiquing the fluff, now for the class itself.

    Seems I got here after all the pre-req stuff got sorted out so I'll leave that alone. I want to start by saying that I really like the Energy Substitution requirement and bonus feats and how they tie into the class. It makes the prestige class feel much more like advancement than most of them do, because you gain class features and then retroactively add new elements to them, instead of starting with all five elements and learning new class features. So kudos on that choice.

    I would like to point out, however, that with the flavor of the class AND the class features, you might want to impose a certain restriction, namely, that the pre-req Martial Weapon Proficiency should only count if it applies to a melee weapon. (A wizard who took Martial Weapon Proficiency (Longbow) wouldn't be able to get into this class, would he?)

    The capstone is good, the spellcasting progression is balanced, and taking Elemental Charge away for a full round after they burst it as a free action is also balanced, however, the way you've set it up now means that the Elemental Blade can charge their swords before making attacks of opportunity. (Which, at level 10 in a prestige class, seems totally fair in my opinion, just wanted to point that out) If you didn't like that, my suggestion would be to change it to "Free action that you may only use during your turn".

    Great class. Hopefully I can get my next DM to let me playtest it!

    Edit: Something else that I thought of: If this character spends most of his time studying and perfecting elemental based spells (The majority of which, at least evocation wise, allow Ref saves for half), I think he should have developed some knowledge about avoiding them. So maybe switch his good Fort to good Ref? If you think about it, Good Will for the arcane, good Fort for the BAB, and good Ref in the actual prestige class make for a pretty balanced character.
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