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    Quote Originally Posted by Welknair View Post
    There is no "Earth" damage. Acid takes its place. Sonic is just... weird.
    Quote Originally Posted by DLoFunk View Post
    As I understand it, there are elements and then there are associated energies that go with them.

    Earth -> Acid
    Air -> Electric
    Water -> Cold
    Fire -> Fire (yeah, I know)

    The addition of Sonic, I believe, is like Fire where it's both the Element and the Energy type.
    That's the convention, yes, but all I'm pointing out that it's entirely arbitrary. Not giving them access to Positive and Negative because those are typically used by divine casters is a perfectly valid reason, but doing it because "Those aren't elements!" is entirely silly. Just sayin'.

    Quote Originally Posted by DLoFunk View Post
    Personally the whole "Tier" concept feels like it goes against the idea of "Balance" to me. Tier 1 = Balanced only if nothing is Balanced. Tier 5 and below = Same. Tier 3 = Balanced as long as no one is using anything unbalanced.

    I've always looked at content as Balanced vs Unbalanced, not Balanced vs Balanced but not as compared to other "Balanced" content.
    "Balanced" doesn't mean anything unless you're balancing it to something, and in D&D there is no clear standard. A wizard, even with the game-breaking exploits removed, is obviously more powerful and versatile than a rogue, who is more versatile than a fighter, and all of them are superior to monk. I personally tend to balance towards the aforementioned fixed wizard, while most of the people here probably go for the rogue or fighter level. So you're going to get some mixed voices on whether the class is balanced or not, s'all.

    I think I've sidetracked enough, though. Back on topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by DLoFunk View Post
    How did I in all these years never realize the M.W.P. only gave proficiency with one specific weapon?!?! Ok, yeah, that DEFINITELY needs fixin'.
    Hence you require proficiency in ALL martial weapons, which is something you only get by taking a level in fighter/barbarian/whatever. That way, you don't have to worry about the hypothetical pure wizard grabbing MWP(Longbow) and getting into the class, nor does the character have to spend a(nother) precious feat.

    Other than that, I'm not seeing much else to critique with the class. You can seriously justify whatever saves you want to give them, and the class features work well. Good job.
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