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    Default Re: (3.X) (Creature) Sinister Spinal Cord [P.E.A.C.H.]

    Added a special quality (actually a limitation), and a new paragraph to Strangle (which also is a nerf). Both are reproduced below for you convenience.

    Soft(Ex): An unarmed slithering spinal cord is utterly incapable of causing hitpoint damage per se (dropping hit-points due to lack of air are another matter entirely). It could be ordered to trigger a trap, or pick up a weapon in one end (but even then it would be non-proficient with it), but its only native attack that involves an attack roll is its paralysis touch. Armed or not, a slithering spinal cord is too clumsy with weapons to perform a coup-de-grace.

    Sinister spinal cords wrapped around necks count as flat footed to attacks if the following conditions are met:
    1. Said attack are made with daggers, scalpels, scissors (which do not count as improvised weapons in this case), and similar bladed weapons and tools.
    2. The attacker must be able to see the sinister spinal cord, which does NOT generally include the person whose neck they are wrapped around unless a mirror is used in which case a flat -1 to hit against the flat-footed sinister spinal cord is imposed.

    EDIT: Added CR for Gargantuan and Colossal ones based on Vorpal Tribble's formula. Counted Undead as being worth 4 points (IE +1.333 CR). I hear it doesn't work very well for non-"Hulk Smash!" monsters but these are SORTA that.
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