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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    Name: Lady Aventura Gearstride. Though she's tend to be referred by her last name.

    Appearance: Wild dark charcoal black-blue mane that gives her a rogue-ish look, which she wears in a loose ponytail and her fur is a xanadu colored coat. She has a beauty mark under her left eye. She wears a ruddy dark olive homburg hat with steampunk goggles. Her eyes are sangria colored. Earth-pony.

    Cutie Mark: A stylized compass

    Skills: Building wacky inventions that often end in explosions. Not many are particularly useful but they are fun nonetheless. Her current project is to build a steampunk mecha for simply Rule of Cool. Her other skills include very high survival skills and knows her way around dangerous terrain. Can make really yummy fruit leather like nopony's business. Though for some they can taste like utter yuck.

    Biography: She is a young gentlemare adventurer who enjoys going on adventures and seeing what wonders await just around the corner. Gearstride has been almost everywhere but still has a lot more world to see. She has been to Bridle Shores before and has deemed it her home away from home. She usually stays at the Civic Center or her wagon when she's in town where she's usually starting some new project. Recently she's returned from a far away distant land known as Mexicolt which is a land stuck in the past in terms of technology and governing system. But have really good food.

    Personality: She's a charming fiery flirty filly with a confident way of talking. She can be really dense half-the time. Gearstride loves telling the stories of her past adventures usually taking artistic license in making them sound colorful. She's rather blunt and opinionated and tends to call it as she see's it. She's a generally good natured pony and approachable for the most part. She's really a free spirit and who is unfortunately often not aware of the needs of others.

    List of Inventions that were actually successful and somewhat useful.

    The Clunker Her wagon, which is self moving and powered through steam and gears and lots of math, metaphorically speaking.

    Clockwork Hindhoof Springs Around her hind legs wrapped around the knees that extend to the hooves are devices that when activated give her an extra fling to her jump and steps. Useful for evading angry tribesponies in the depths of the Amarezon.

    Mostly-All Purpose Compass Aside from pointing North, it also a sextant, has tweezers for them darn splinters, and it glows in the dark.

    Mr. Chimpcogs, the servile clockwork robot It is a small little gearpunk robot monkey with very basic functions. Mostly fetches stuff but also to look cool as it is a robot, primitive but a robot nonetheless with basic motor functions. It's one of her latest and more advanced inventions, prone to malfunctions.

    She'll likely be a frequent patron of the Legs Junk Shop

    Acquaintances: Serilus
    Casual Friendships: Soft Serve, Sandy
    Close Friendships:
    Intimate Friendships: Seems to have rekindled something with Silverpine, at the moment.
    Past Intimate Friendships: She's left many hearts broken, along her travels as she's not one for long distance relationships. Among them, Silverpine.
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