Thokk judges the gauntlet to be structurally sound, though heavily oxidized. Callos notes that the gauntlet radiates a moderately strong aura of transmutation.

Elthan picks up the crystal prisms and peers through it with curiousity. He tosses it into the air once or twice, catching it in the palm of his hand. Coughing weakly, he places it back down on the floor. "It's bigger than an ioun stone and it doesn't seem to float," he observes.

"It seems to very faintly radiate evocation magic. I'm surprised that you even noticed it, Si'rene ..."

Eventually, attention turns to the silver ring with the single remaining ruby. "Is that what I think it is?" someone asks. Callos and Elthan both confirm that the ring radiates magic strongly. The aura is judged to be of the evocation school.

Tiriel and Kiah climb the stairs together. Tiriel is naturally concerned about her good friend. Kiah is simply looking for an excuse to stretch out her newly healed legs.

Katrin had uncharacteristically asked for a single room. The door is closed, of course, so Tiriel knocks lightly to see if everything is OK. There is no response from inside the bedroom.