More of his attention turned towards the gauntlet that was covered in rust. Everyone else was paying the ring mind and the necromancer had no doubt that they would eventually figure it out. So instead he decided to investigate the gauntlet. Besides it worried him. Transmutation magic could be tricky, dangerous even, espicially if it was cursed.

"Thokk, let me take a look at that gauntlet. I want to try and discover its function. If at any point in time it seems to be causing me pain or any adverse affects and I do nothing of my own accord to remove, I want you to take it off. Forcibly if you have too."

He looked pointedly at the dwarf's bastard sword at the last part as he held his hand out for the gauntlet. If Thokk lets him look at it he'll slip it unto his hand and wait to see if it does anything of its own accord.